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4 people biking

What to do in Peterborough & the Kawarthas

Have some City with your Country

What’s your idea of fun? Listening to music under the stars? Taking in a play set in nature? Trying your luck? Meandering through a museum? Seeing the sights? Exploring the First Nations? We have an incredible volume and variety of things to see and do. What are you waiting for?

Cycling in Peterborough & the Kawarthas

Authentic Adventures

Our Authentic Adventures collection highlights the most unique and memorable adventures this region has to offer – beyond the “must-see and do” activities, this collection is sure to give you the gift of lifelong memories!

  • Meet the Herd at The Mane Intent
    A person pets the head of a small horse
    Authentic Adventure

    Meet the Herd at The Mane Intent

    Get back to basics and explore an inspiring connection to nature, people and yourself. Have you long admired horses from a far, and the way that these majestic creatures have a history that is intrinsically-tied to their bond to humans? Here is your chance to tap into the connection first-hand.

  • PTBO Picnic
    Friends sitting on a picnic blanket "cheersing" with beverages
    Authentic Adventure
    Experience, Culinary, Outdoors

    PTBO Picnic

    This hotel package has all of the ingredients you’ll need for a food lovers getaway in Peterborough & the Kawarthas. Each package includes an overnight stay, a picnic backpack (filled with picnic essentials), two $25 gift certificates to spend at local shops, and a list of recommended picnic locations. Gather your favourite people, forage a feast, and select the perfect location for an experience that is uniquely your own.