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Meet the Herd at The Mane Intent

Authentic Adventure

Get back to basics and explore an inspiring connection to nature, people and yourself. This exclusive on-farm experience gives you the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the herd at The Mane Intent in a gentle, yet transformational opportunity to rediscover, refresh and revitalize your life.

A person pets the head of a small horse


$150.00 per person (plus 13% HST), for a half day (3 hours); $200.00 per person (plus 13% HST), for full day (5-6 hours).


Minimum of 2 guests; maximum of 4-5 guests per group

Contact to book or for information for accommodation providers.

24 hour minimum notice required for cancellation.

Have you long admired horses from a far, and the way that these majestic creatures have a history that is intrinsically-tied to their bond to humans? Here is your chance to tap into the connection first-hand.

Enjoy an incredible on-farm experience with the dynamic herd at The Mane Intent with ground-based horse activities that explore intuition, body language, presence, boundaries, self-care, communication, emotions and trust. And by doing so take a moment to refocus your energy and transform your life.

“An amazing experience — I would highly recommend.”

Three people stand with a horse
Three people stand with a light coloured horse
A person stands beside a horse
A person pets a horses chin
Two people stand with a horse
One person stands with a horse on a windy day

What to expect

Begin this experience knowing that your feet will be firmly planted on the ground, and  prepare to open your heart, and get acquainted with a herd of horses, as well as a side of yourself that you might not have seen in a while – or ever before.

Join your host, Jennifer Garland and your horse guides for your choice of a half-day or full day. This experience gives participants exclusive access to the farm in a small group setting – just you and your family, friends, or colleagues will be the only guests during your experience. Consider this your perfect opportunity to explore the deep agricultural roots of Peterborough & the Kawarthas at this scenic century farm with pasture fields, hedgerows, woodland walks, historic buildings, a stone labyrinth and the tranquil sights and sounds of nature.

Find your path as you work alongside the herd with simple activities like grooming and walking, while exploring ways to become the best version of yourself in your personal, family and professional life.

“Exactly the ‘connection’ we need to feel these days. This is real, applicable to daily life and lived happiness and well-being. You don’t realize how deeply you need this reality check.”


Why horses? 

Horses have no pre-meditated agenda, and you can expect a truly authentic experience that is different for every person and every time you come to The Mane Intent. Prepare to be fascinated as the horses here become natural guides.

As part of your experience you can expect to rediscover your joy, passion and purpose as you shed the day-to-day routines of your busy life and nurture your relationships and your true self.

What else can I do nearby?

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