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Authentic Adventures & Local Experiences

Our Authentic Adventures collection highlights the most unique and memorable adventures this region has to offer – beyond the “must-see and do” activities, this collection is sure to give you the gift of lifelong memories!


Authentic Adventures

Farm to Forest Getaway
small wood cabin in the woods in winter
Authentic Adventure
Experience, Culinary, Outdoors

Farm to Forest Getaway

Refresh. Reconnect. Reset.
Surround yourself with trees, farm fields and the river while staying in our loft cabin nestled in the forest. Enjoy slow cooking your meals over the fire as you take in the sights and sounds of Mother Nature. Guests are welcome to discover more of the property via the trails throughout the farm; well-known for the incredible experiences, dedication and details offered to their guests.

Meet the Herd at The Mane Intent
A person pets the head of a small horse
Authentic Adventure

Meet the Herd at The Mane Intent

Get back to basics and explore an inspiring connection to nature, people and yourself.

PTBO Picnic
A bottle of wine, a wrap, and wine glasses in a backpack stand on a table.
Authentic Adventure

PTBO Picnic

This experience for four people will have you sampling a delightful array of tried-and-true local favourites and experiencing the freshest fun that Peterborough & the Kawarthas has to offer.

Rare Escape: Outdoor Culinary Experiences
a group of people eating food around a fire in the woods
Authentic Adventure
Experience, Culinary, Outdoors

Rare Escape: Outdoor Culinary Experiences

Are you a local foodie who is on the search for a unique dining experience? Pack your hiking gear and head out on a road trip to a special GPS destination where Chef Tyler Scott will guide you on an outdoor culinary experience you’ll never forget!

Stone Sculpting Workshops at ZimArt’s Rice Lake Gallery
woman sculpting stone
Authentic Adventure
Experience, Arts, Outdoors

Stone Sculpting Workshops at ZimArt’s Rice Lake Gallery

Draw inspiration from stunning scenery and inspiring Zimbabwean stone sculpture as you tap into your inner artist at ZimArt’s Rice Lake Gallery.  This destination gallery is where you’ll find a taste of global culture nestled in the rolling hills surrounding Rice Lake.

Local Experiences

  • Artisan workshops
    A person works on a loom
    Experience, Arts

    Artisan workshops

    Preserving heritage artisans’ skills and enhancing the community of Peterborough & the Kawarthas’ by providing education and skills training to locals and visitors alike!

  • Come kiss a snout
    A pig standing in hay
    Experience, Agritourism

    Come kiss a snout

    At The Pearly Acre there are 13 residents. All of them have their own unique story as to how they came to be at the Pearly Acre. Come meet: Bullet, Piper, Ivy, Dexter, Cash, Rosie, Quincy, Georgie, Hugh, Opal, Phoenix, Charlotte & Fern!

  • Create a sweet treat!
    plate of assorted chocolates
    Experience, Culinary

    Create a sweet treat!

    Ready to Get Your Hands Messy? Experience chocolate making the old way! Make your own artisan chocolate bars, ganache and truffles by hand. Dip and decorate to your hearts desire!

  • Dare to Play? The Great Escape Getaway
    Table with a black rotary telephone, papers and a magnifying glass
    Experience, Adventure, Outdoors

    Dare to Play? The Great Escape Getaway

    The Secret Case Files presents it’s inaugural escape weekend getaway The Wish Pendant. The experience begins Friday night with a live band playing all the favourites. Before you know it, you are involved in a case. Players begin as a witness, then become the detective, and finally a treasure hunter. It’s a game but everything feels like you are living in a real-life detective story.

  • Equine Inspired Wellness Experiences
    A person stands beside a horse
    Experience, Agritourism

    Equine Inspired Wellness Experiences

    All workshops invite you to discover the joy of meeting a gentle heard of horses and donkeys and set the stage for your transformational journey of healing, personal growth and renewal. Gain practical skills to enhance your own resilience as you learn how our nervous system responds to the world around us. All adults 18 years plus are welcomed. No previous experience with mindfulness, meditation or horses is required.

  • Hang out with the zoo critters
    Children stand in a line
    Experience, Outdoors

    Hang out with the zoo critters

    The Park and Zoo is an educational facility that encourages exploration and connection to nature in an outdoor environment. Get a chance to ask a zookeeper your wildest curious questions. Otter feeding encounters happen May through September at our world-class otter exhibit

  • Introductory Stone Carving Workshops
    People carve stones under tents
    Experience, Arts, Outdoors

    Introductory Stone Carving Workshops

    Introductory sculpting workshops led by a visiting Zimbabwean sculptor who has been invited to be ZimArt’s artist-in-residence for the season.

  • It’s all about the bees
    People stand in a line with honey
    Experience, Agritourism

    It’s all about the bees

    Join a fun and interactive tour of an apiary and experience a slice of being a beekeeper. Learn about honeybee biology, lifecycles, colony jobs, honey production, pollination, challenges with an apiary and more. 

  • Lavender workshops
    Experience, Agritourism, Arts

    Lavender workshops

    Enhance your senses with the fragrance of lavender. Try your hand crafting a lavender wreath or wand. Or enjoy a relaxing session of yoga, reflexology or aromatherapy in our lavender fields.

  • Learn to throw on a potter’s wheel
    Child creating pottery
    Experience, Arts

    Learn to throw on a potter’s wheel

    Whether you’re a beginner just getting started with pottery or a serious hobbyist looking to refine their skills, the English Potter has a class suited to your individual needs.

  • Mitigwaaki Workshops
    woman in brown jacket standing outside in winter, in front of wooden building with a ramp at the entrance
    Experience, Educational, Indigenous, Outdoors

    Mitigwaaki Workshops

    A Behind the scenes view of the sacred medicines, and a hands on memory you’ll never forget. Take home more than a souvenir – take home a new skill, a new understanding, and a piece of your experience

  • Natural farming tour
    Three farm animals lay in the hay
    Experience, Agritourism, Outdoors

    Natural farming tour

    There is never a dull moment at Harley Farms. Come and see for yourself! Now offering tours for those who would like a further peak into the behind the scenes and to see how happy and healthy the animals are in their natural environments.

  • Party Bike tour downtown Ptbo
    People laugh while riding a large pedal-powered vehicle
    Experience, Outdoors

    Party Bike tour downtown Ptbo

    “Tally-ho!” It’s the call you will make on the streets of downtown Peterborough this summer, as you board the light green 15-passenger bike with other riders smiling, laughing, and pedalling to their next destination.

  • Sightseeing flights
    Aerotrikes in the sky
    Experience, Outdoors

    Sightseeing flights

    In a one hour flight, you will enjoy the beauty of the Kawarthas as never seen before. We can cruise over the Otonabee river at 2,000 feet, and fly the north shore of Rice Lake.

  • The Secret Case Files Escape Getaway
    Two men in black suits running across a cross walk
    Experience, Adventure, Outdoors

    The Secret Case Files Escape Getaway

    In The Secret Case Files, players are immersed in a realistic, unique escape game that takes place over the course of a weekend.

  • Unique workshops at the Canadian Canoe Museum
    old canoes on display
    Experience, Arts

    Unique workshops at the Canadian Canoe Museum

    There’s truly something for everyone! The Canadian Canoe Museum offers a wide variety of workshops to suit all tastes.

  • Walk with alpacas
    Family walking an alpaca
    Experience, Agritourism, Outdoors

    Walk with alpacas

    Playful, graceful, and a little marvellous, each alpaca has a unique personality. With patience, kindness and presence you will gain the trust of your alpaca and be ready to set off on the guided walk in the company of your new friend, with many opportunities for photos along the way.

Are you a local business with a unique and memorable adventure to share?