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Woman walking a dog down a trail in the forest

Parks and Trails in Peterborough & the Kawarthas

All A-boot Hiking

Parks and trails in Peterborough & the Kawarthas are a wonderful way to explore the outdoors. Here, our green spaces are a breath of fresh air for all seasons, activities and levels of outdoorsiness.

Hiking Trails

close up of a plant in the forest


B.E.L. Rotary Bridgenorth Trail

B.E.L. Rotary Bridgenorth Trail is 2.3 kilometres long, lined with native trees, and boasts a peaceful and tranquil setting amidst the Miller Creek Wetlands. There are benches situated along the Trail to provide scenic and comfortable resting spots as needed.

a man hiking in the forest


Ennismore Heritage Trail

There are 3 loops with a total trail distance of about 4km including boardwalks, a picnic shelter, an osprey platform and interpretive signage. The Trails are located throughout Ennismore Waterfront Park.

the legs of two people hiking in a forest


Mill Pond Forest Trails

This short but sweet trail system offers three route options ranging from 200m to 900m in length. With a picnic area and beautiful views of Mill Pond, this is a great spot for a family of all ages.

man walking through forest


Millbrook Valley Trails

The Millbrook Valley Trails are a passive use walking trail starting from Medd’s Mountain Conservation Area and looping around Millbrook through the Oak Ridges Moraine.

aerial view of a river and buildings at Trent University


Trent University Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Area

This nature area features 3 loop trails; the Red Trail (1.9 km), the Yellow Trail (2.4 km), and the Blue Trail (2.9 km). Slip on your hiking boots or grab a pair of cross-country skiis for this triple trail treat.

trail marker in the forest


Mark S. Burnham Trail

Mark S. Burnham Provincial Park features 2.4 kilometers of trail featuring some of the oldest maple, beech, elm and hemlock groves in Ontario. Try out this short hike located in the middle of the Peterborough Drumlin Field to visit more than 3,000 of glacial remnants and stunning fall colours.

people snowmobiling down a winter trail


Mathison Conservation Area

This area is made up of 250 acres of scenic forests and wetlands located north of Havelock. It has 1.6 kilometers of multi-use trails for walking, biking, and snowmobiling use and 1.1 kilometers of walking only trails. ATVs are not permitted on this property.

a building at Trent University on the water


South Drumlin Loop

This short 3.4 kilometer loop features views of the Trent Canal and a visit to the abandoned rail bridge near Trent University. A great option for all skill levels and visitors to the Trent University campus.

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