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Harley Farms

Group of cows

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tel. 705-295-1925

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1630 Heritage Line
Keene, Ontario, K0L 2G0

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Our farming system is grounded in the belief that our animals should be raised as humanely and naturally as possible. As a result, our farm animals are kept together in family groups for most of their lives, which reduces their stress levels and supports their overall health. We also believe in maximizing the use of our pastures and forage crops, which allows the animals to subsist predominantly on the plants and crops they are meant to consume,thereby reducing our dependency on grains in our livestock finishing program.

We strive to provide our animals with as much fresh air and abundant space to roam as possible, preferring to shelter rather than confine them. Our Heritage Tamworth sows, for example, can be seen out in the fields year-round with their young. Even on the coldest, snowiest days, the pigs seem happiest outside as long as they have a dry and warm shelter to retreat to when they’re ready to come in.  We breed livestock best suited to the climate and surrounding environment and likely to thrive and fatten off a pasture and forage based diet.

Come and experience for yourself what sets Harley Farms apart. Sign up for a professional tour which includes a “behind the scenes” look to understand animal welfare and how happy and healthy our animals live in their natural environment.

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