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Sam’s Place Deli

Sam’s Place is a modern deli with old-world flavour. All meats are locally sourced, then cured and smoked in house.

Club sandwich on plate with toothpick and side macaroni salad


188 Hunter St. W.
Peterborough, Ontario
K9H 2L1


  • Buy Local
  • Open Year Round

  As you walk down Hunter Street, you can smell the hard work and heart that goes into ensuring every bite brings a smile.

Every piece of bread and all meats are locally sourced from Peterborough and the surrounding areas best Bakers, Farmers and Growers. The attention to detail in every sandwich and side is what separates a sandwich from a ‘Samwich’. All meat is in-house cured, smoked, and prepared. All breads are preservative free. All sides are made daily, and every ‘Samwich’ is freshly made to order. Now that’s doing it right!

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