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Millen + Smith Acres – Alpaca and Pig Walk Farm Tour

Gotta Try This!


2709 Dillon Road
Keene, Ontario


  • Internet Access
  • Open Year Round

Millen+Smith Acres provides a unique farm experience which allows guests to interact with the farm animals during an alpaca and pig walking tour.

You’ll start your farm adventure learning about our Alpacas – why we have them, some basic care and handling practices and then we’ll move into the pen where you can get up close and feed if you wish – this is not a petting zoo so touching the alpacas is not guaranteed. Sometimes they’re groovy with a neck scratch, sometimes they’d rather just a photo opt – either way, you’ll be in for quite the experience!

Next, we’ll introduce you to our rescue pigs, Jolene and Billy Ray – they aren’t shy to the limelight and would love a belly rub or ear scratch. You’ll about pot bellys and WHY they’re one of our fave farm friends. You’ll finish off the tour with the pigs down by our pond, where you can feed them and enjoy a refreshing beverage with your new friends. There will be lots of opportunity for photos, so don’t be shy!

Looking to host an event? Check out Farmhill Weddings, a NEW venue at Millen+Smith Acres, while they specialize in weddings, they are also open for corporate team building events as well as private dinners.

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