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Kitchen Farmacy

Gotta Try This!
There are many cooking metal pans laid horizontally across and in rows throughout the entire photo. Starting from the top right corner of the photo and following across to the right side is lasangna with pesto, chicken parmesan with pesto, and sliced roasted potatoes. The second row starting from left to right horizontally is 6 large meatballs in a marinanra sauce with parmesan, spaghetti with parmesan, and another pan of food. On the third row there is a corner of a pan of food, chicken thighs in a red sauce, and sauted vegetables.


1786 Young's Point Rd
Lakefield, Ontario
K0L 2H0


  • Buy Local
  • Catering Services
  • Delivery Available

Since the launch, Kitchen Farmacy has developed a community of trusted suppliers for our local and seasonal ingredients. Kitchen Farmacy further expanded to hosting pop-up restaurants, fundraisers and catering.

In addition to being known for using fresh, local ingredients in our dishes, Kitchen Farmacy is also well known for using wood smoke in our cooking process. From meats to vegetables, we are always firing up Alta the Smoker.

In 2020, Kitchen Farmacy launched their home delivery service with weekly rotating menus of seasonal dishes as well as a full catering menu for parties of any size.

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