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Escape Maze

You've Gotta Try This!
building entrance


156 Cedar Bank Rd.
Otonabee-South Monaghan, Ontario
K9J 6Y3


  • Open Year Round

Do Something Totally Different! Escape Maze is a live, interactive game where you use teamwork and brainwork to escape.

You and your friends/family/co-workers will enter a room and the door will lock behind you. Through a series of games, puzzles, clues, keys and locks, this experience will push you to exercise your critical thinking, problem solving and brainstorming skills to escape.

Escape Maze is set on a 130 acre farm, the surroundings will already take you back to a more peaceful time. We designed the rooms around the late 1800′s early 1900′s time period when the gold rush of Ontario took place.

We have 4 rooms you can choose from, each with its own set of riddles and games. Each room is totally different from the others. Before you go inside the room, we watch a short movie to get in the mood. Once inside the room, the challenge begins and you have 45 minutes to find the key to escape. Afterwards, whether you escape or not, we go to the photo shop and have an old timey photo taken with costumes and props.

It’s a fun experience for families, friends, groups, co-workers and dates. Most people love the challenge to test their brain and problem solving skills. Afterwards, they talk about the bonding experience they had in working together with the other participants

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