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Peterborough Power & Sail Squadron

Peterborough Power and Sail squadron group posing with flags

Outdoor Recreation

tel. 705-652-1206

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1903 Pratt's Marina Rd.
Lakefield, Ontario, K0L 2H0

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Since 1959, Peterborough Power and Sail Squadron has served the Peterborough area, teaching courses in Safe Boating, Seamanship, Advanced Piloting, Marine radio, and providing on-line access to the Pleasure Craft Operators’ Card , a must for everyone operating a power boat.

Canada’s leader in recreational boating training, the Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons is a nationwide non-profit organization formed in 1938. CPS-ECP is recognized as the largest organization of its kind in the world on a per capita basis and is accepted as the foremost educational boating authority in Canada, a consultant with Canadian Coast Guard, a partner with Transport Canada, and an advisor of aids to navigation for the Canadian Hydrographic Service through the Marine Reporting Program.

What We Offer

Recreational Vessel Courtesy Check (RVCC) – This FREE service is offered at various locations in and around Peterborough. A trained CPS-ECP member will review the required safety equipment for your boat, make recommendations and discuss safety issues to help you become a safer boater. The RVCC takes less than 30 minutes and could save you money, or even your life! Once you’re out on the water, fines for not having the right equipment in good working order start at $200. (No fines are issued by CPS-ECP volunteers; we only give advice!).
CPS-ECP offers this program as part of the Boating Safety Contribution Program from Transport Canada. Any information collected is anonymous, and is used as statistical data only.
Would you bet $200 you have the right equipment? If you’re not sure join us on an RVCC Day.
Watch our website at for a list of dates and locations.

Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card (PCOC) – The PCOC guide, courses, and exam are all available at our website: Our PCOC card is the only one approved by Transport Canada and accredited by the US National Association of Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA), which means our PCOC is recognized by the United States Coast Guard and is the only one officially recognized in both the US and Canada.

Marine Radio (ROC-M) – The Maritime Radio course teaches emergency radio procedures and everyday operating techniques. Learn the uses of marine radios, frequencies, operation, phonetic alphabet, procedural words and phrases, Digital Selective Calling and the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System, (DSC/GMDSS). This is a one-day course offered at various times throughout the year. To operate a maritime radio, you must have this certificate. It’s the law!
Watch our website, for local courses, or check out for courses scheduled across Canada.

Boating Essentials – Enjoyment and safety on the water require knowledge. Boating Essentials will take you to the next level in your boating education. Technology has changed the way that we navigate. However, to use a GPS/chart plotter effectively, you should understand the use of paper charts and coastal navigation. The topics covered in this course, magnetic compass, global positioning and charts, navigation, conning, plotting, digital charting, anchoring, and lines will increase your boating knowledge and make your adventures on the water safe and enjoyable.
Your PCOC will get you onto the water… Boating Essentials will get you home safely!
Watch our website, for local courses, or check out for courses scheduled across Canada.

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