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Night Owls Welcome.

Experience Night Life in Peterborough & the Kawarthas.
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If your natural habitat is the pub, the café of the theatre..if you are a party animal or a cultural’ll be right at home in Peterborough.

It maybe a surprise to learn that this is one town that knows how to have a good time! With a College, a University, a vibrant arts and creative community, creative people in their 20s and 30s this town, the people make the nights happenin’. “We love it here,” says one 20-something who studies anthropology by day, but has been known to indulge in the odd pub crawl by night. “For a city this size, Peterborough is a fun time. And the restaurants are great.”

Bars, clubs, pubs and eateries. Rooftop lounges, clubs, sidewalk patios, late-night restaurants and live bands. Intimate cafes, poetry slams, crowd scenes, cappuccino bars and artisan breweries.

Each spot has its own specialty; each caters to its own crowd. Most of the action is downtown in the older part of the city. Start on Hunter Street and walk wherever fate leads you. The fun is in discovering a place that suits your style or mood—musically, personally and gastronomically.

The downtown scene is the perfect way to start an evening… and the perfect way to end one, too. For campers, cottagers and other out-of-towners, Peterborough’s night life is a bonus. Where else can a visitor slip into the city to sample the urban scene before slipping back out to the lake? And we can not forget to mention the hidden celebrations, the pop up music around a camp fire or at one of our many resorts and popular watering holes throughout the region. There is life after dark.

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