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For the Birds.

Experience Birding in Peterborough & the Kawarthas.
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Explore Birding

If you love birds and birding, you’ll love Peterborough & the Kawarthas. Shorebirds… songbirds… water fowl… meadowland birds… birds of prey…they’re all waiting for you to arrive!

Just point your binoculars to the sky, almost anywhere in the region and you’ll see a new species to add to your list. “That’s the beauty of birding in the Kawarthas,” says Drew Monkman, a nature author who has been watching local skies for the better part of 45 years.

“You could travel pretty far just to see the species that you can in a day here.”

Why so many birds? It’s because the land is so varied, offering a wide range of habitats that attract dozens of species. Wetlands and highlands, open fields and woodlands. From the sparkling lakes and coniferous forests, the Canadian Shield in the north to the rolling fields of the agricultural lands to the south, the landscapes of Peterborough & the Kawarthas are like no other. “Two worlds collide here and birding is better because of it,” says Monkman.

In the Kawarthas, bird watching is a relaxing pastime that can be as close as a city park. But the real adventures are out of town: by the lakes; in the abundant wetlands; in farm meadows and in the forest. Monkman swears the best birding is found along any of the trails that follow abandoned railroad corridors. So many birds of a feather flocking together… so much diversity, so close to home.

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