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Adventure, Outdoors

The Secret Case Files Escape Getaway

The Secret Case Files is an innovative and thrilling weekend escape getaway that includes local entertainment, live music, hotel accommodations, local food & drink and of course puzzles!


$1495 per team of 2


Includes 2 nights in double queen accommodation

Locally focused food and drink throughout the experience

Includes breakfast and gift cards for lunch & dinner


March 24-26, 2023 – The Wish Pendant
Summer 2023 – The Missing Coin
Spring 2024 – Ghost Treasure
Summer 2024 – The Lost

Are you a fan of murder mysteries? What about live music and locally sourced food? If your answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. The Secret Case Files presents its inaugural escape weekend getaway to play The Wish Pendant.

The package includes two nights in the lovely Comfort Hotel & Suites with amenities such as; a pool, fitness room, hot tub, and breakfast included on both mornings. On Saturday, lunch and dinner will be at two different local restaurants specializing in hometown beverages and chef-prepared cuisine.

The Secret Case files was a fun and exciting adventure through the Peterborough area. Whether we were searching for hidden clues, deciphering puzzles, or interacting with local businesses, we had an amazing time getting to know Peterborough.

Dylan Reinhart, Boardwalk Lounge
Two men in black suits running across a cross walk
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Woman with dark hair holding index finger over lips indicating "shh"
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white paper with red writing "Dare to Play?"

What to expect

This escape experience begins Friday night with a live band playing all the favourites. Before you know it, you are involved in a case. Players begin as a witness, then become the detective, and finally a treasure hunter. It’s a game but everything feels like you are living in a real-life detective story.

In The Secret Case Files, players are immersed in a realistic, unique escape game that takes place over the course of a weekend. Players are quickly drawn into a crime scene, where they must use their detective skills to find the real culprit and clear their own name. This game will have players experience the thrill of the hunt and the rush of finding treasure. They will have the feeling like they’re living in a real-life crime thriller, offering endless excitement and intrigue.

Important Information

Things to Note

You must have a car to participate, you will be travelling to various locations throughout Peterborough City & County.

Meals are not pre-ordered, any dietary restrictions can be addressed when ordering.

Cancellation Policy

No refunds. Tickets are transferrable.


Dress for the weather, you will be outside for a portion of this event.

What else can I do nearby?

  • Keep playing games, board games at Boardwalk Game Lounge in downtown Peterborough
  • Step out to enjoy some dining and live entertainment (check our events calendar) in downtown Peterborough
  • Sip and savour an authentic taste of place at one of the many locally owned restaurants in Peterborough & the Kawarthas

Businesses associated with this Authentic Adventure