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Your event submission will be considered for inclusion in our events calendar on our website (www.thekawarthas.ca). Events must be tourism-related and correspond with one of the following 9 categories:

1. Agriculture (i.e. fairs and farmers markets)
2. Exhibits and Shows (i.e. gallery showings, artisan tours, specialty films)
3. Festivals, Carnivals & Celebrations
4. Holiday Related (i.e. parades)
5. Outdoor (i.e. walking tours)
6. Performing Arts (i.e. music, theatre)
7. Cultural Heritage (i.e. re-enactments, museum openings)
8. Sporting Events
9. All

All events that are submitted will be reviewed for tourism value and appropriateness prior to becoming available for public viewing. We reserve the right to modify or deny any event we deem inappropriate for our web page. Organizers for sales, auctions, clubs, courses, fundraisers and lectures or readings are encouraged to contact their local newspaper or municipal office websites.

Please contact us at 705-742-2201 or events@thekawarthas.ca if you wish to receive a weekly event listing by e-mail or fax.

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We recommend using high resolution, landscape oriented photographs with people in them. Logos, graphics and pictures that have been edited to include text may not display properly. If you have not included a photo along with your submission, we will select stock images from our files or display without a photo. We reserve the rights to modify, reuse and re-purpose all submitted images.

Please supply a landscape photo at least 700 pixels wide. Images that are not png, jpg, or gif will not be uploaded.

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