Get to know our Hand-Crafted Beverage Makers:

Peterborough’s long standing commitment to local fare isn’t new, but the hopping craft beer and beverage scene certainly is. Craft Beer & wine enthusiasts now have a variety of options to choose from to wet their whistles! And if you’d prefer something non alcoholic, we can offer something crafty to perk you up too.

These Suds are No Duds!

The Publican House Brewery

Located in Downtown Peterborough at the corner of Charlotte Street and Rubidge Street, this micro-brewery is crafting award winning brews in six distinct styles ranging from year round to seasonal options. The brewery operates a retail location directly beside the brewery which is not only popular for it’s products, but for it’s convenient hours (open until 11pm, 7 days a week!). Recently, their beers have also been added to the roster of suds you can get your hands on at The Beer Store and the LCBO.

Drop in to their tasting bar and sample the products before you buy. Their flagship beers Publican House Ale and Square Nail Pale Ale can be purchased in 1.9 litre growlers too. The brewery is located next to a historic 150+ year old building which they have plans to renovate into a pub & restaurant that will feature (of course) their beers, and other craft beers and wines from across Ontario.

Fun Fact: 2014 was a good year for the brewery: They won two awards at the Ontario Craft Brewing Awards – Gold honours for their Publican House Ale as well as Newcomer Brewery of the Year. In May, they expanded and added four additional fermenting tanks, quadrupling their brewing capacity. 

Smithavens Brewing Company

A family owned and operated craft micro-brewery, and the newest addition to the craft beer scene, Smithavensis located on Rye Street in Peterborough. Their newly constructed tasting room (open Thursday to Sunday) overlooks the brewery and is a great place for group gatherings. They also have an on-site retail store, and have recently been added to the the LCBO and Beer Store as well.

They’re carving out a niche in the traditional Continental European style beers market, and offer a variety of ales and lagers. They currently have 5 to choose from with a long list of local establishments serving their brews

Olde Stone Brewing Company

The veteran brewery in the region, The Olde Stone has been a staple in Downtown Peterborough since 1996, making unique hand-crafted ales. At the top of the list is a truly local option inspired by Peterborough’s long-standing history with Red Fife Wheat.

This popular location offers a cozy fireside lounge area, and a killer street-side patio in the summer months right in the heart of George Street in Peterborough’s bustling downtown.

Fun Fact: They have a full service restaurant with mouth-watering options to compliment their craft brews, including their popular Cheddar Ale soup. 

Belmont Lake Brewery

This is the region’s newest addition – a small craft brewery on the shores of beautiful Belmont Lake in Havelock, Ontario. They specialize in brewing English Beers with a Canadian twist. The brewery is located adjacent to the owner’s cottage at the north end of Belmont Lake. The brewery is currently offers three beers – the Cordova Gold, Brown Bear and Crowe River Pale Ale. They also have a Black Bear stout coming in the near future. Currently, their beers are available by growler, but they plan to offer 355ml bottles in the near future as well.

Fun Fact: One of the breweries most unique features is that visitors can access the brewery by boat. 

Vin-tage Fruits by the Glass

Kawartha Country Wines

This small, family owned fruit winery is located north of Peterborough in the stunning Trent Lakes area just outside of Buckhorn. Local fruits and berries are processed with the wineries high standards to produce their award-winning wines. It’s distinct 1866 log cabin and 1889 board and batten house are situated amidst land scattered with local fruit trees, bushes and maple trees which are used to make their products.

The winery offers a complimentary sampling bar, which is a must with 35 different varieties to choose from vinted in dry, off dry, social, dessert and traditional styles. Inspired by near-by Curve Lake First Nation, the winery makes a Wild Rice wine from the rice harvested locally.

Fun Fact: The winery also has a boutique gift shop where, among many other gourmet food options, they sell their popular wine jellies and vinegars and a variety of cheeses to compliment their wines, including Empire Cheese’s wine infused and soaked cheddars which are made with the wineries products. 

That’s the Spirit!

Persian Empire

As with many of the world’s best recipes, Persian Empire’s product innovation comes from generations of experience using a combination of old family recipes and newly formulated ones. Internationally recognized for their top-notch products, this local distillery is making a name for it’s self at home and away. The distillery makes a variety of 36 different products ranging from brandy, gin and rum to their trademark vodka.

The distillery is currently located at 2075 Preston Road, with a retail store that is open by appointment only at this time, but they have started construction on a new distillery which will feature a large retail store with plans to eventually offer onsite tours to show how the products are made.

Fun Fact: Persian Empire was named Canada’s Top Distillery in 2012

Buzz-Worthy Non-Alcoholic Brews

Kyoto Coffee

While we can’t take credit for boasting a climate that allows us to grow coffee beans, we can take credit for boasting a community that supports local businesses and has a serious affliction for caffeine! Kyoto Coffee is all the buzz in Peterborough – founded on the the idea that coffee can provide trade, not aid to small crop farmers and co-ops from around the world – they source beans from companies who import organic coffee from the best growing regions in the world, supporting the environment.

Kyoto coffee is located between Peterborough & Lakefield at 2621 Lakefield Road (and the Peterborough Farmers’ Market, and a variety of local cafes and shops). They roast small-batch coffees, customized to order and are known for their freshness.

Fun Fact: They are truly committed to their craft – their website offers a wealth of knowledge about all things coffee

Sugar Daddy Fresh Sodas

This business is new to the scene, but offers a delicious variety of options that are not only thirst quenching, but good for you. They offer hand-made, small-batch beverages and syrups made with real cane sugar, fruits, spices and herbs such as hibiscus spice, rhubarb lemon licorice and key lime kaboom to name a few. You can find Sugar Daddy Fresh Sodas at the Downtown Peterborough Wednesday Farmers’ Market and in select cafes throughout the region such as the Silver Bean Cafe and Peterborough Eats in the Square.

Fun Fact: They also have a new line of natural sports drinks called Hustle. 


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