What better way to celebrate our beautiful nation’s 150th birthday than in a region known for its rich mix of heritage city, cottage country, flourishing farmlands and is Home to Canada’s Treasured Waterway. Visiting here is truly something out of the ordinary. 

Here are 15 things to do in Peterborough & the Kawarthas for Canada’s 150th Birthday:


1. Try our NEW Brewery Discovery Route.

The Brews, Bites and Barns Discovery Route features craft beer, cider, locally sourced restaurants and signature attractions in Peterborough & the Kawarthas.


2. Paddle through the world’s highest hydraulic Lift Lock.

The Peterborough Lift Lock is a bucket list attraction located along Canada’s Treasured Waterway, the Trent-Severn Waterway.


3. View the largest known concentration of aboriginal rock carvings in Canada.

Experience the power of art left behind by the Algonquins, carved on a bare rock face at Petroglyphs Provincial Park. These sacred depictions of turtles, snakes, birds and people are the largest known concentration of aboriginal rock carvings in Canada.


4. Tour the largest collection of canoes, kayaks and paddled watercraft in the world.

Spanning the country from coast to coast to coast, The Canadian Canoe Museum’s outstanding artifacts will let you “See Canada by Canoe!” For a truly unique experience go on one of their Voyageur canoe trips and paddle through the World’s Highest Hydraulic Lift Lock on Canada’s Treasured Waterway, the Trent Severn Waterway.


5. Visit the home to two of only a handful of authentic Jacquard looms that can be viewed in North America.

Lang Pioneer Village Museum nestles the shores of the Indian River and boasts a fully-operational Grist Mill and a newly designed Weaver Shop which houses one of only a handful authentic Jacquard looms on display in North America.


6. Go Spelunking!

The Warsaw Caves Conservation Area and Campground takes its name from a series of seven caves found in the park. The caves were formed thousands of years ago at the end of the last ice age by the rushing melt waters of a glacier that covered Ontario.


7.  Explore the Butter Tart Tour – Canadiana Collection

To mark Canada’s 150th birthday, a number of master chefs across Kawarthas Northumberland have introduced the “Canadiana Collection”. This scrumptious line of specialty butter tarts features uniquely Canadian ingredients. This signature collection includes irresistible flavours such as the Nanaimo Bar Butter Tart, the Trudeau, the Marie Dressler, the Stompin’ Tom, the Canada 1-5-0, and the Maple Ice Wine.


8. Attend a Canada 150 celebration.

With more than 600 festivals and events a year, there’s always something happening – whether it’s free outdoor concerts all summer long overlooking Little Lake on Canada’s Treasured Waterway or camping at a country music festival. Click here for a list of events happening in Peterborough & the Kawarthas for Canada150.


9. Experience a traditional First Nations Pow Wow.

First Nations people came to the area more than 11,000 years ago, and named the Kawarthas after an Ojibwa term meaning “The Land of Shining Waters”.


10. Go backcountry camping.

Head out into the wilderness and go backcountry camping at Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park. New to the backcountry? Try a facilitated multi-day excursion with The Land Canadian Adventures. Not feeling THAT adventurous? Try one of their day trips such as; Path of the Masters – Plein Air painting, Wild foodies and more!


11. Cruise  Canada’s Treasured Waterway.

The Trent-Severn Waterway has free lockage for 2017, and there’s no better way to travel this National Historic Site than by houseboat. Not interested in being Captain? Take a 5 day Ontario Waterways Cruise, leaving from Peterborough travelling along the Trent- Severn Waterway.


12. Experience Art Outdoors.

Just outside the city, you’ll find unique venues like the 4th Line Theatre near Millbrook, which produces original historical dramas in a unique barnyard setting. Imagine sunshine, smiles and fresh country breezes while listening to everything from Bach to Broadway favourites, opera, jazz and world music and you’ve got Westben Arts Festival Theatre. Have you ever seen a museum in nature? ZimArt’s Rice Lake Gallery displays African sculptures in the Kawartha Landscape.


13. Indulge in dock days.

The city’s close proximity to the surrounding rugged rural terrain makes this region one of Ontario’s most popular vacation destinations. Our lakes are lined with family resorts and peaceful B&B’s - reserve your dock today!


14. Take a 150 km cycling tour in Peterborough & the Kawarthas.

The Peterborough & the Kawarthas Classics are a collection of three tried and true road cycling routes that have received the official stamp of approval from local avids. Each signed route is comprised of a long and short loop ranging from 45 to 100 kms, starting and ending in the City of Peterborough at the picturesque cycling hot spot, Millennium Park overlooking Little Lake on Canada’s Treasured Waterway.


15. Go on a Canada 150+ Geocaching Adventure

Hunt for 23 new caches set out to celebrate the rich history of the region and… there’s a prize!