Jay & Jennifer

Jay & Jennifer

Jay Nutt is the former owner and long-time Chef of Nuttshell Next Door Café in Lakefield, Ontario. A graduate of NAIT’s Culinary Arts program, he has worked and traveled across the country with stops at Jasper Park Lodge, Toronto’s King Edward Hotel, and the Delta Prince Edward in Charlottetown. Professional Home Economist Jennifer MacKenzie is a freelance food writer, recipe developer, tester and editor, and media spokesperson. Jennifer is the author of six cookbooks, and writes regularly for websites and publications such as the LCBO’s Food & Drink magazine. Jennifer has tested and recipe-edited over one hundred cookbooks on every subject from soup to coconut. Jennifer and Jay live on a little piece of Kawartha waterfront in Buckhorn, Ontario with their dogs, Diva and Benny.

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Jennifer MacKenzie - 2016 - Photo of McLean Berry  Farm

A Day in the Life of a Farmers’ Market Farmer

6:25 am There’s a glimpse of pink through the gray clouds hovering over the dimly lit corn field. Heavy dew and mist blankets the farm as I drive into the lane of McLean’s Berry Farm in Buckhorn. It’s market day. Well, almost every day from May through Thanksgiving is market day for McLean’s as they

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BBQ and Brews - SouthStreet ribs - Photo by Jay & Jennifer

BBQ & Brews

  With warm weather our thoughts tend to drift to cold beer and barbecued food. Instead of traveling south, head to the Kawarthas where our established and growing craft breweries are being joined by a burgeoning southern-style barbecue scene. So, if you’re a fan of craft beer or authentic barbecue (or both!) it’s time to

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Mississauga River

Twelve minutes yet a million miles away

Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park is the largest provincial park south of Algonquin. If you enjoy canoe trekking or back country camping you may have already visited to take in the rolling landscape of hills and lakes that bridges the land between farmland to the south and the Canadian shield to the North. But what if

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Red Fife Wheat Kernels

Red Fife Wheat: a Peterborough discovery in bread baskets across the country

A man named David, a ship in Glasgow, a dropped hat and an ox – what can they all possibly have to do with this sign and Peterborough County? Drive across Highway 7 east of Peterborough and you’ll see these blue signs sending you south on Heritage Line toward Keene. What happens if you follow

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